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Part of how we started.


An article printed in the EXAMINER NEWS paper.   24th January 2008




Radio group stays in touch with world.


ENTHUSIASTS: Allan Hill and Richard Osborne at their radio base station.


Around the world our voices go - making friends by radio.

                This is the motto of the newly-formed Port Stephens amateur radio group.

                Allan Hill (VK2FLTP) and Richard Osborne (VK2FRKO), from Lemon Tree Passage, have already recruited 10 of the 60 licensed amateur ham radio operators in Port Stephens and signed on MPs Bob Baldwin and Craig Baumann plus Port Stephens Mayor Ron Swan as patrons.

                Over the years the pair have build up friendships with like-minded enthusiasts from as far afield as Russia, Canada and New Zealand.

                Richard Osborne told the EXAMINER it cost $61 for a licence and computer technology had made it very easy to set up a radio base.

                "You no longer need ugly masts, wires and aerials on top of your house," Mr Osborne said.

                Computer links to a transmission centre will do the job for you. It can be quite exciting. Ham operators have even been known to chat with lonely astronauts.

                There were some problems with reception such as from radiation from sun spots.

                "presently the 11 year solar cycle is against us and limits our range," Allan Hill said.

                For more details contact the club at this address PSARC Inc. PO BOX 3013 Lemon Tree  Passage 2319