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Personal Awards achieved by Richard VK2FRKO




 In 2006 I decided to take part in my very 1st Westlakes Cup contest.  I read the rules and sat down 20 minutes before and made sure everything was in order power and antenna wise.  The contest only goes for an hour so I had enough lollies and my flask of hot Milo to keep me going.   Just before 2000hrs, the previous winner Vince VK7VV came on to greet everyone and read the rules and answer any questions that anyone put forward.  At 2000 hrs the contest commenced  5 minutes into the contest, I am calling away and no one is answering ( bugger no one is hearing me ) so I keep on going.  Finally someone hears me VK2FJES ( bonus station worth 4 points)  you beauty I said.  The end of the contest came around quite quickly and Vince asked everyone to tally up the points and in order from least to highest gave them to him.  Nothing will be confirmed until the Westlake's contest manager has received your log.   I was very happy when I was informed and presented with my 3rd place certificate at a Westlake's Meeting.


Last year I had another shot and got 1st place winning with 13 points.  The conditions on the night were shocking and with plenty of lightning about causing heaps of QRN  it made trying to hear anyone almost impossible.  It was a long hour trust me.


In ending may I say that if you have the time have a go at the contest as it only goes for an hour and most importantly ENJOY THE HOBBY and have fun.


Rules for this contest are on the Westlake's ARC website


NZ   2009 Sprint Contest Phone Section

22nd placing to Richard VK2FRKO